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Toyota wheel coverThe term ''Hubcap'' originates with the fact that they were first used to hold grease for the bearings on old Model A's and T's. At that time they where made of brass and screwed into the middle of the wheels. These days a ''Hubcap'' serves no other purpose besides decoration. The vehicle runs fine with out them, but looks awful! It is almost a necessity to have them, and for that decorative item the dealer will charge you top dollar.

Capital stocks thousands of hubcaps, trim rings, and center caps. Our staff is very knowledgeable on each hubcap, and the cars that they will fit on, as well as how much they will cost new at the dealerships vs. how much you will spend at Capital. You can be assured that you are getting the best price.

When ordering caps you should know the size of your wheels (which can be found on the side of your tires), and the color.

Toyota wheel coverIf you are looking to upgrade the look of your car, Capital can help you with that also. We stock so many ''Hubcaps'' that we can hardly find space to put them all!

We can make your '92 Toyota Camry look like a '97 with a new set of caps, at a 40 - 80% savings of what you would normally pay at a dealership.

We offer our wheel covers at a 50-70% discount off the cost of the prices that you would encounter at a dealership. We are able to offer these prices due to the fact that our wheel covers are "Used - Take-Offs". What this means is that an individual had purchased a new vehicle and upgrades his/her wheels at the dealership, the original wheels and wheel covers that are being replaced are now called "Take-Offs" and are in semi-new to new quality and condition.
Whether you currently own the base model and simply need a steel wheel replacement, or if you would like to upgrade your wheels, Capital has what your looking for.

(We also sell in bulk quantities. See our "Wholesale" page for more info.)

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