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  Chrome Plating and Exchange

  • Chrome plated factory wheels/rims have become one of the most popular ways to improve the look of your vehicle. Chrome plated wheels change the look of the vehicle instantly. It's a simple way to keep the original look of your vehicle while greatly improving its image, without having to buy expensive aftermarket wheels.
  • Capital offers the highest quality chrome plating process in the industry. Each wheel goes through a seven step process.
    1. Wheels are stripped of clear coat, paint and dirt
    2. Surface of the wheel is polished to remove any defects and imperfections.
    3. A layer of copper is added.
    4. The copper layer is buffed.
    5. One more layer of copper is added to further smooth out the surface of the wheel.
    6. A layer of nickel is added.
    7. A layer of chromium is added for a brilliant and shiny finish

  • We can also chrome plate your AfterMarket, Custom wheels, and Motorcycle wheels (click on the images below for more detail) - send them to us!

Chrome Exchange is an extensive program that we offer. By carrying a compete line of chrome plated aluminum wheels this allows us to send you chrome wheels for your car, without having to chrome the wheels on your car. Once you receive our chrome wheels, you then will send us your non-chrome wheels, eliminating the time that it would take to chrome the wheels on your car.
Click here for chrome exchange warranty.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. How do I exchange my wheels for Capitalís chrome plated wheels? Its easy! We have hundreds of sets of already chrome plated wheels in inventory. We will ship the wheels to you via. United Parcel Service or Federal Express. We charge you the cost of plating, shipping, and a "Core Charge" that is refundable on the return of your "non-chrome" wheels.
  2. What if you do not have the type of chrome wheels that I need in stock currently?
    Don’t worry! You can still have chrome wheels on your car. Capital will chrome plate your wheels for the same cost as a Chrome Exchange.
  3. With what, or how, do I clean my chrome wheels?
    With Capital's special chrome cleaner/wax.
  4. Since my wheels are triple chrome plated, can I drive on my wheels in the snow?
    The snow and salted roads will destroy the chrome finish causing pitting in the slots. This is not covered by the on year warranty.
  5. What if my wheels are damaged or bent?
    Most of the time we can repair and/or straighten almost any wheel before we chrome it. If this needs to be done you will be charged a repair fee.

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